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Formerly The Type Quarry Declaration of Independence font
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Historical Fonts




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 Historical Penmanship »

Abigail Adams

American Scribe

Botanical Scribe

Douglass Pen

Emily Austin

Houston Pen

Lamar Pen

Military Scribe

Old Man Eloquent

Remsen Script

Schooner Script

Texas Hero

 Text Faces »



New Millennium

New Millennium Linear

New Millennium Sans




TWT Pavane

TWT Prospero

 Modern Handwriting »

Cedar Street


Marydale Inspired

Oak Street




 Display Faces »

Boppa Delux


Elegeion Script



Miss Kitty Delux



Zarlino Delux

 Map Fonts »


Antiquarian Scribe


Terra Ignota

 Historical Texts »

Attic Antique




 Offbeat »






 Drop Caps »

Baskerville Caps

Rococo Titling

 Picture Fonts »

Lil' Diddles One

Lil' Idgits

Lil' Mug Shots Critters

Lil' Mug Shots Humanoids

Speed Bump

Historical Fonts
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October Special!
This month we’re giving away a free copy of our Castine family with any order. No discount code required—simply buy any font (or fonts) before 01 November 2015, and you’ll also receive a free download link to a typeface modeled after actual 18th century headstones in an old Maine cemetery—just in time for Halloween!

Military Scribe font

October 2015 Release! We're pleased to announce Bonnycastle™, a vintage titling font inspired by the hand-lettered maps of Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791–1847, an English officer and military engineer who served in the War of 1812 and settled in Canada. Bonnycastle’s distinctive flair might work well in branded promotional materials, event posters, book covers, magazine illustrations, and historical displays. OpenType features include true small caps, alternate upper- and lower-case alphabets, dozens of ligatures, contextual and discretionary alternates, lining and old-style figures, many cartographic ornaments, and full support for Central and Eastern European languages. Try before you buy with our Type Tester!

R E C E N T   A D D I T I O N S :
Military Scribe

Military Scribe™ simulates the neat, compact, disconnected cursive script on the muster rolls of the 10th Regiment of Foot, a British military unit that saw action on American soil during the Revolutionary War. This font has an unmistakable period flair yet is handsome and legible—perfectly applicable to scores of modern design uses. Has more than 1,000 glyphs, including a full complement of period OpenType features.

Remsen Script

Remsen Script™ is an interpretation of the fine penmanship of an 18th-century Colonial American penman on a three-page broadside addressed to British Manufacturers by the Merchants of Philadelphia in the wake of the infamous 1765 Stamp Act. The font's fine period flourishes are perfect for formal announcements or historical simulations. Has nearly 1,000 characters, including plenty of other OpenType features.

Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams™ was inspired by the handwriting of the eponymous eighteenth-century American patriot in her many letters to her husband, John. Its distinctive disconnected scriptcarries a genuine flavor of the late eighteenth century. Comes with a slew of OpenType features.

Botanical Scribe

Botanical Scribe™ is modeled after the fine hand-inscribed legends on the early-19th century floral etchings of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Its slight imperfections give it a warm, accessible feel, while it remains elegant enough for formal invitations. Has many OpenType features—nearly 700 characters in all.

Old Map Fonts

Below is a random 3IP Type Foundry font in use. Click the image for a closer look at Miss Kitty Delux. . .

Miss Kitty Delux
Antiquarian Scribe
Antiquarian Scribe
Old Fonts
Old Fonts
3IP Fonts
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Historical Script and Text Fonts
Historical Fonts
Attic Antique


“Your fonts are gorgeous, and in particular, your handwriting fonts are the best I've ever seen.”
—J.H., Witny, Oxfordshire, England

“There's a fair number of what I call 'scrawl' faces out there. [Treefrog] is one of the very few I really like.”
—P.M., Palatine IL

“The Lamar Pen font is divine. We are using it on a novel set in the eighteenth century, and the author is ecstatic.”
—J.H., London, England

“These are fantastic fonts, and I appreciate that your c